It was so awesome to have exactly what I was experiencing show up without a word being said, and to have each belief acknowledged and let go of with a new empowering belief put in place that all resonated with MY being. Love the simplicity and power of her work.
Megan, California

I have loved working with Elizabeth! She has a great ability to facilitate the healing process. She is such an amazing person to work with. I am always excited when I am able to work with her. I know that great things are going to happen each time. She has helped me with negative core beliefs, offensive energies, forgiveness, relationships, and helping heal my chakras just to name a few. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth for the help she has given me.
Ann Marie, Washington

I loved my session with Elizabeth. She provided me with so much peace, and clarity. I had beliefs about myself I didn’t even realize that I was holding onto. But once light was shed upon them I totally knew that’s how I was showing up in life. For example, I have been wanting to start dating again but somehow I felt disconnected. With the assistance from Elizabeth we realized that I was still energetically tied to my ex. We worked through it and it was so empowering to let go of the attachments I still had and give them to God. I realized that it was okay to let him go and God was there to support me. How beautiful of a gift for Elizabeth to have. To be able to bring forth so much clarity and unconditional love that I was able to connect with my higher power. Another amazing thing Elizabeth was able to do was to show me where in my life I was giving my power away. She showed me how this was affecting me and and together we let go of the belief that I was a victim. For the first time in a long time I feel that I am a powerful creator. And that I can consciously choose into my personal power. That I never have to be a victim. She knew what my spirit needed to hear and was able to find some truly inspirational affirmations. I am so grateful for the opportunity Elizabeth gave me. I know I can count on her for spiritual guidance and healing.
T.D. South Jordan, Utah

I am so grateful for the emotional release work that Elizabeth has done with me!! She was able to get right to the core of what emotions and limiting beliefs were causing my hip pain. It was very revealing and I appreciate the clarity she gave me on how I could reprogram those limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. The hip pain I was experiencing was a constant deep ache and the relief I enjoy now from that constant hip pain is so appreciated! The pain is 100% gone and only every once in a while it gets slightly achy. And then the slight pain reminds me to read the new affirming beliefs that Elizabeth came up with for me to read daily. Thank you so much Elizabeth!! I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
AngelLee, Montana

Before my first session with Elizabeth I felt so lost in negative emotions it seemed as if I were slowly drowning. I was ignoring my feelings, unclear of what I wanted, and unsure of how to best move forward and get out of this fog. During our first session there was a huge shift in my emotional vibration and massive clarity on how my body was showing up in these emotions. I discovered many misalignments within myself but more than that, Elizabeth provided me with tangible solutions to releasing the internal toxicity within. She also assisted me in how to best show up for and support my body. As soon as the session was over I felt such a release of emotion and negative energy I had to go back for more. In our second session we discovered that I was carrying a major negative core programming of rage. This rage was connected to many trapped emotions that accumulated throughout my life. Once again we cleared all negative emotion and set myself up with a new empowering core belief. What I want to share most about my experience thus far with working through Elizabeth is this; Everything she connected to resinated so true to me. She really allowed me to see them for what they were and release them. With the assistance of Elizabeth I now know that those negative, disempowering thoughts and emotions are cleared. I am confident and I am in control. I am clear on where I get to move forward. And I now choose new empowering beliefs and emotions that support my effortless creations. Thank you Elizabeth, I look forward to our next session together.
Lindsey Solana Beach, CA

Elizabeth has worked on me and my daughter several times and I have noticed a big difference. First she worked on my daughter, who was very constipated and was having a hard time going to the bathroom. Ever since then she has been going very regularly, and she also helped her release things from her birth. Then she worked on me. I was feeling tired all the time, so she reset my diurnal clock for me and I have more energy throughout the day. She also released things as a child and much, much more! I have and will continue to recommend Elizabeth and all the great work that she does.
Jami, Montana

I had not seen my mom for a year, and I came to visit her after she had been working with Elizabeth. The first thing I noticed was a profound change in her countenance. I said, “Mom, you look ten years younger! What are you doing?” She said, “Come inside and I will show you.” She took me into her home and I could not believe what I saw. Everything about mom’s house had been transformed. I have never felt so good in her house. The energy of the home was completely different than I had ever experienced before. The thing that is amazing to me, is that I noticed it first in her face. She looked like a different person than the previous time I visited.
Richard, Hurricane, UT