Earth Package

Called the Earth Package because it is “foundational ” to everything else we do. It is designed to assist you in connecting to WHAT IS, and to get clear and Grounded in present time; because your point of power is always in the present moment! This package includes: Up to two Elemental Reading Charts and a two hour mentoring session to assist you in designing your “Comprehensive H.E.A.L.T.H. Plan.”

Have an Honest evaluation!
Envision what you want!
Align yourself and Apply Action!
Learn to Let go, Live with Less, and Love yourself completely!
Trust yourself, and allow the Truth to set you free!
Honor yourself with continued support!

Wind Package

Called the Wind Package because it is designed to give you wings to fly! You will Soar to New Heights with the knowledge and understanding you gain about your relationship to your physical Space. This package includes: Everything in the EARTH Package plus… A comprehensive ELEmental Energy Analysis of your home.

  • Compass reading to determine the facing energy.
  • Charting of the Emotional Energy of the space.
  • Recommendations for alignment.
  • Physical Space Clearing

Water Package

Called the Water Package because it provides powerful cleansing, both internally and externally. This is where we go to work cleansing the physical space and immersing ourselves in the healing waters of emotional release. We shed tears together as we open the flood gates of your personal power and assist you in claiming your freedom! This package includes: Everything in the EARTH Package, and everything in the WIND Package, plus… One four hour session, per week for six weeks! In these six four hour sessions we:

  • I. Do the work of designing the physical space to support you.
  • II. Do Cellular Release and Core Program Release Therapy.
  • III. Implement systems of organization to support you and your environment.
  • IV. Do internal and external cleansing on both a cellular and physical level.

Fire Package

Called the Fire Package because it will take you through the Refiners Fire. It is designed to give you the ongoing support that you deserve as you Burn through life’s challenges, and Blaze through your transformation! This complete ELEmental Package includes: Everything in all three EARTH, WIND, & WATER packages plus…Ninety days of ongoing support, where we meet one time per week on the phone for an hour. During these appointments we will continue to Refine ourselves and our newly acquired skillsets andmindsets, through mentoring and healing work with Cellular Release and Core Program Release Therapy. These twelve full weeks of coaching are like putting the icing on the cake that we just baked together. This is certainly the sweetest and most enjoyable part of the journey, and just like the icing, it is what holds everything we have done together!